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09. September 2020
It is never about cloning yourself. It is about letting others in to be, do, and co-create amazingness with you!
20. May 2020
May 20 - Are you feeling disconnected? Has the lack of human contact made you feel disconnected even with all the virtual connecting? Have the limitations imposed on what you can and cannot do caused you to feel like you have lost all momentum and are starting all over again? Are you feeling as if you have lost precious opportunities? Has uncertainty and doubt replaced hope and optimism? When you feel disconnected, your greatest opportunity to reconnect exists within you.
05. February 2020
Feb 5 – Need a little illumination? Are you in need of some fresh perspective or ideas in how to accomplish what you are setting out to do? Are you feeling a bit stale in the activities and initiatives that you are undertaking? Could you use a little insight or assistance, but not sure exactly what would be the most valuable choice in how you gain that support? Sometimes when we are mired in all our to-do’s, it is difficult to look above it all to see what may be missing or more effective.
27. November 2019
Nov 27 – Are you limiting your possibilities? When it comes to what you are striving to achieve, how open are you to all the possible ways to make it happen? Have you devised a plan that has you so laser focused, you may be closing yourself off to opportunities? Do you believe that only people in your professional circles can help you in your business or career, or that only people in your personal circles can help you in your life? Are you open to suggestions on ways to accomplish things, or...
20. November 2019
Are you so focused on what needs to be done that you feel like you haven’t come up for air in you don’t know how long? Have you become a taskmaster and list maker where checking off your to-do’s is your only source of gratification right now? What about your satisfaction? Are you enjoying what you are doing or merely doing what you are doing? Without making attempts to go further or zig while others zag, we may never stumble on those opportunities that open up a whole new world of...
28. August 2019
Aug 28, 2019 - Need a little nudge? Are you hesitating to begin something you would really like to be doing? Do you find yourself doubting if what you want to achieve is possible, so you allow yourself to be distracted by all that the day throws at you? Have you made some progress and now you find you are uncertain what to do next, so nothing more is being done? When we start to feel like we are losing our nerve or confidence to proceed with something we know down deep we want, we often seek...
21. August 2019
August 21 – Are you feeling it’s too late? Have you made yourself believe that it is now too late to pursue something you really wanted to be doing? Have you delayed in responding or following up on something, so now you believe the opportunity has been lost? Has someone instilled this way of thinking into you? Whatever is causing you to believe this, it’s time to shift your thinking. You have total control of your thoughts, and once you embrace this reality, you then have total control...
07. August 2019
August 7 – How intentional are you? Do you find yourself saying that you will get to something you want to be doing later, when you have more time? Do you feel you must focus on certain things, even though you would really like to be putting your energy into something else? Do you have desires that you have convinced yourself must wait? All of these situations are choices you are making, plain and simple. However, you can choose a more empowering path, by giving yourself permission to take...
24. July 2019
July 24 – Are your decisions momentum-building? Do you feel confident that the choices you are making are propelling you forward in where you want to be? Have you defined what is most important and meaningful for your future? Have you devised a strategy and action plan to get where you want to go? Every day we are faced with choices that need to be made in where we devote our focus and energy and how we spend our time, money and resources.
12. June 2019
June 12 – Are you raising the bar? Are you frustrated by same old same old? Do you find yourself desiring a different level of satisfaction, and yet not sure how to get there? How are you raising your awareness and consciousness to gain greater insights? How are you elevating your understanding to realize true engagement? How are you notching up your performance to increase your level of return? How are you challenging yourself to be better? No matter the circumstance, it always begins and...

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