How intentional are you?

August 7 – How intentional are you? Do you find yourself saying that you will get to something you want to be doing later, when you have more time? Do you feel you must focus on certain things, even though you would really like to be putting your energy into something else? Do you have desires that you have convinced yourself must wait? All of these situations are choices you are making, plain and simple. However, you can choose a more empowering path, by giving yourself permission to take action towards what you want to ultimately be doing. It doesn’t take much to begin. It only takes you.

Take an MM&I Moment to give yourself permission to take steps towards what you really want to be doing. What about your desires gets you excited? What is most exciting and why? What about your desires is going to be most gratifying once you have realized them? How will it make life better? How will it enrich or empower you? Now, with these noted feelings, what are seven things you can do over the next seven days? Schedule them, one each day. Then make a list of seven more things for the following seven days, and keep going. Once you decide and then you act, there is no stopping you.