What is an MM&I Moment?

In June of 2009, I began a weekly motivational email inspired by my book, Me, Myself & Inc. (released in 2009) that was called Monday Motivation & Insight. Each week, I would invite readers to take a ME, Myself & Inc. Moment (shortened to an MM&I Moment) to reflect on how they could better embrace all that they can be. 


In January of 2019, my blog was renamed Dream Wide Awake, and my weekly emails shifted to Wednesdays for my Wide Awake Wednesdays inspired thinking and sharing. This was in preparation for the launch and release of my companion workbook to my book, Me, Myself & Inc., which is entitled Dream Wide Awake.


The Dream Wide Awake workbook will be available in eBook via your favorite eReader, Audible, and as a paperbook print workbook. Expected release is in January 2020 for the printed version with other release dates to be announced soon, so stay tuned!


Yours in dreaming WIDE awake,





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