Are you overwhelmed by options?

Are you caught up in a plethora of directions you could go or choices you need to make in order to move forward? Are you viewing this abundance of options as so overwhelming, you don’t know where to begin? When choices need to be made, view them as an opportunity to manage your destiny. Take a moment with each choice to see how it aligns with your values, your purpose, and your vision. When your choices align with your innate knowing from your inner wisdom, they cannot help but propel you forward.

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Are you losing your nerve?

Have you been working hard towards a goal and a lot of little things have occurred that have seemed to bear weight on your efforts? As a result, is it causing you doubt or second guess what you are trying to achieve? OR have you made real progress and now you are hesitating to take that next step due to uncertainty or feeling a bit intimidated by that next step? Have you reached the point you are getting out of your comfort zone? Whether it’s the small things or the next big thing that is causing you to lose your nerve, remind yourself of your why, and nothing can stop you … except you. 

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Think you're losing your edge?

Oct 2 – Think you're losing your edge? Are you fearing that you are losing your edge … as a professional … in your business … in a relationship? Are you looking around you and feeling as though you aren’t bringing the advantage or wow that you once brought to the table? Are you making comparisons and not liking how you, your business, or your relationship is stacking up? When it comes to ambition and goals, it is important to make sure you are assessing your situation from a perspective of empowerment and not just merely using comparison and critique as your guide. Our greatest competition is within ourselves. Choose to challenge yourself and no challenge will get the best of you. 

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Are you questioning for answers?

Sept 25 – Are you questioning for answers? Are the questions inside your head serving you or limiting you? Are you asking yourself questions that fuel your curiosity and desire to expand and grow? Or are they questions that are causing you doubt? It is okay to question what you are doing as a means of expanding, growing and knowing more in order to progress, excel and accomplish more. If doubt begins to weave a web of discouragement, your curiosity can be the breakthrough you need to the answers and the initiatives to take.

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Are you stepping it up?

Sept 18 – Are you stepping it up? Are you getting too comfortable in your routine? Are you enjoying going with the flow? Is it time to step it up to take yourself to your next level of possibilities? Could you be challenging yourself in ways you haven’t before, even at the risk of failure? Could you be seeking ways to improve or enhance? While being content is something we all seek to know and realize, it can also lead to complacency. While it is comfortable not to be dealing with any challenges or to push any limits, your greatest opportunities always present themselves when you are willing to go further than you thought possible.

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Are you positively convinced?

Sept 11 – Are you positively convinced? Are you viewing a challenge with everything that can go wrong or go right? Do you find yourself wavering in your confidence as you tackle the next steps or are you unwavering in your determination? Are you allowing naysayers to influence your doubts, or are their words fueling your commitment to succeed no matter the odds?  Being aware of the odds is different than being intimidated by the odds. 

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Are you growing every day?

Sept 4 – Are you growing every day? How do you view growth? Do you see it as something that requires being challenged or opposed in order to grow, or do you see it as a natural part of being and doing? Are you viewing obstacles as holding you back or pushing you forward through what you will learn as a result? Do you believe you have done all the growing you want or care to do, or do you believe you have only just begun and will never stop learning and growing? Each day is an opportunity to become more aware outwardly or within to grow more, to know more, and to plant seeds that continually blossom into the most satisfying and gratifying existence.  

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Need a little nudge?

Aug 28, 2019 - Need a little nudge? Are you hesitating to begin something you would really like to be doing? Do you find yourself doubting if what you want to achieve is possible, so you allow yourself to be distracted by all that the day throws at you? Have you made some progress and now you find you are uncertain what to do next, so nothing more is being done? When we start to feel like we are losing our nerve or confidence to proceed with something we know down deep we want, we often seek someone or something to encourage us or validate us in what we are trying to do. Your greatest incentive to achieve comes from within.

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Are you feeling it's too late?

August 21 – Are you feeling it’s too late? Have you made yourself believe that it is now too late to pursue something you really wanted to be doing? Have you delayed in responding or following up on something, so now you believe the opportunity has been lost? Has someone instilled this way of thinking into you? Whatever is causing you to believe this, it’s time to shift your thinking. You have total control of your thoughts, and once you embrace this reality, you then have total control of your actions and reactions. 

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