Are you ready for more?

September 27 – Are you ready for more? Are you poised and positioned to take on more opportunities should they come to fruition? Do you have the efficiencies in place to ramp up quickly to seize them when they come in? Do you have the resources needed to support both current and future initiatives?  Do you have the people needed? Are you wanting to take on more, yet are not considering what it will require should you get it? 


Being ready to go to the next level requires being proactive and making the right decisions along the way. If you are not building upon previous successes, you may not be ready for what lies ahead. Anticipating what you will need to succeed empowers your readiness. It starts with seeing where you are currently and then where you may need to go. Momentum is built through decisions that lead you forward.  

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Are you avoiding conflict?

September 20 – Are you avoiding conflict? Are you concerned that a current conflict you are experiencing will cause you even more distraction than you have the time to devote to it right now?  Are you convincing yourself that allowing the particular situation to exist is better for you than the chaos that could result from dealing with it? Are you considering how much head space avoiding the conflict is using up?  


Having courage to deal and cope with any situation of conflict begins with understanding what it is costing you right now mentally, emotionally, physically, or financially. Understanding these costs could help you realize just how beneficial it will be for you in the long run to deal with the circumstance head on and then get beyond it. Conflict primarily exists because you allow it to consume you. Consider your options, and then confidently move forward.  

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Is the pressure getting to you?

September 13 – Is the pressure getting to you? Are you feeling pressure to perform, and it is causing you anxiety or lack of focus? Do you have many initiatives underway requiring your attention, and you are concerned about managing it all? Are you feeling weighed down by other responsibilities not allowing you to focus where you desire? Are you questioning if it is worth it? Do you find yourself saying, "Why am I putting myself through this?”   


The pressure to achieve, accomplish and deliver according to expectations can be overwhelming at times. When you find yourself questioning or wishing things were different, it is time to consider why you are feeling this way in the first place. Whatever you are striving to achieve should inspire and energize you, not weigh you down and discourage you. When you focus too much on what is not ideal, you lose sight of and miss opportunities to make it ideal.   

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How strong is your conviction?

September 06 – How strong is your conviction? Do you have an idea or concept that you know could work, but are just not sure how to make it work at this time? Do you envision a possibility that is a thought right now, but could be something so much more? Are you striving toward something that others believe is always going to be out of reach, yet their skepticism is causing you to doubt yourself?  


The strength of your conviction and curiosity are a powerful combination when it comes to taking something beyond what others may think is possible. Instead of focusing on what other’s believe isn’t possible, focus on striving forward unwavering in what you believe is possible.  

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Is the struggle real?

August 30 – Is the struggle real? Are you feeling the weight of the world to the point of inaction? Are you caught up in challenges that seem to have been thrust upon you that are distracting, detracting, and causing you to be in a reactionary mode? Could it be that you are focusing more on what “isn’t” than what “is”? 


When you feel like you have lost control due to challenges and obstacles that have become omnipresent, being able to decipher what is really impacting you to seize back control of your focus and attention is pivotal. 

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Anxious for results?

August 23 – Anxious for results? Have you invested a lot of time, energy, and money into something important to you? Are you feeling even more anxious than ever to realize some results from all your efforts? Do you feel that just when you feel you have traction, the target gets moved? Are you beginning to lose motivation or belief that what you desire will ever come to fruition? 


When you are a high achiever with high expectations, you can easily get frustrated, especially when your own efforts are not reaping what you had hoped.  While the timing of your results may feel out of your control, your ability to expedite results rests in how you can leverage results. It begins with a positive mindset and is propelled by recognizing what has worked and could work again. 

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Are your priorities clouded?

August 16 – Are your priorities clouded? Do you feel a fog has set in and is causing you distraction with multiple directions and demands making it difficult for you to know where your focus should concentrate? When so much is expected of you, from yourself and others, it can feel as though what must be done isn't at all what you would really like to be doing, and yet, you must get it done.  


When this becomes more the norm than the exception, it is time to take a step back and ask yourself why. Do you feel you are not accomplishing what you ultimately could be accomplishing, but are uncertain exactly what you want to accomplish? Are you hesitating to put your priorities first out of fear of failure or uncertainty of what to do next?

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Are you profiting enough?

August 9 – Are you profiting enough? Is your mindset focused on investment and value or expenses and what everything is costing you? Are you getting the full value of what you have invested in your time? Is your business realizing the level of profitability you desire? Are you gaining greater knowledge, insights, and experience that will benefit you now and in the future? The ability to realize greater profits begins with having the right mindset.    


Whether in business or in life, where you can profit the most is in direct correlation to what you are willing to invest in and fully understand now to realize even greater gains for the future. If you are only focused on what you can afford or that everything is costing you something, you may not be making the best decision from an investment perspective. Unless you change your mindset, you will always be caught in not being able to afford and everything costing you something.   

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Needing instant gratification?

August 2 – Needing instant gratification? Are you feeling like everything is taking longer to be realized than you would like?  Are you staying diligent in all you are trying to accomplish yet don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel to completion? Do you find yourself just wishing it could be magically expedited?  


When you are only looking at the long haul ahead, you may be missing the small incremental successes that are getting you closer than you think. Appreciating the progress you are making is essential to making your journey ahead more gratifying along the way.  

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