Sherré has addressed audiences throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico on a variety of topics that inspire new thinking to empower positive change. Formats include keynote, seminars, half day or full day workshops, and retreats.


Business & Life Topics

  • Dream Wide Awake! Overcoming What Limits You to Excel in Life!
  • Getting to Aha! Aligning Goals & Values for Powerful Results
  • It Takes Money to Make Money, Unless You Don’t Have It!
  • Me, Myself & Inc.®: Stop Balancing, Start Synergizing!
  • Excuses or Reasons, Fate or Destiny

Business Operations & Strategy

  • Corporate Cure: How to Build a Corporate Culture of Endurance
  • Income-based Time Management for Greater Productivity
  • Operational Branding: Building Value & Preference Inside Out
  • Pricing for Profit: Big Mistakes & Best Practices
  • Profit Sizing for Exponential Growth
  • Profitability Quotient: Better Decisions, Better Results, Better Bottom Line
  • Trend Getting: Being on the Cutting Edge through Discovery vs. Innovation

Marketing & Promotion

  • The CRISP Principle: Mega Growth Success in Business
  • eBuzz to eProfits: Using the Power of the Internet to Grow Your Business
  • From Objection to Attraction: Inspiring & Engaging Customers
  • From Mindshare to Marketshare: Leveraging Psychographics to Attract, Retain, and Engage Customers
  • Making a Difference – Building a Legacy in Life and Business
  • Marketing $uccess $ecrets to Grow Your Practice
  • Mastermind Marketing: Doing Right What Most Businesses Do Wrong!
  • Out-Think Your Competition to Explode $ales!
  • Store Hopper to Store Shopper: Getting Them to Try & Buy
  • You-niqueness! The Personal Side of Branding

Special Segments – Women / Family

  • Confessions of a Mompreneur: Leadership Lessons Learned
  • She, Inc. to WOW, Inc. – Women Owned Wisdom for Next Level Growth