05. October 2022
Weighed down by obligations?
If certain commitments or obligations feel more like a burden than a blessing, then understanding why they feel this way is the first step before you can decide what your next steps should be.
28. September 2022
Could a process or system help?
There is freedom that comes from putting processes, systems and standards into place ... starting with the freedom to excel!
21. September 2022
Are your actions purposeful?
If you are putting your goals on hold until you can get to a certain point or certain things completed, then you are like the hamster on the wheel forever being active, but not getting where you really want to be going.
14. September 2022
Hesitating to try again?
When things don't go as planned, it is not a sign to give up. It is a sign that you are learning what to do to succeed.
07. September 2022
Too focused on changing versus progressing?
Is too much of a focus on change hindering your ability to progress? Change is an everyday occurrence, so the key is to embrace it with a growth mindset.
31. August 2022
Are you lucky or fortunate?
Are you caught in a wishful thinking mindset that has you believing it takes luck? And that you need a little luck? Dreaming Wide Awake is about believing in yourself and that you make your own luck with the choices you make.
24. August 2022
Does it really have to wait?
Are you putting things off that you really want to accomplish because you believe you have no choice? Then it’s time to rethink the way you are thinking!
17. August 2022
Are you embracing learning?
A key to effective learning is your awareness and your openness to learn. Consider all that you are learning each and every day.
10. August 2022
Are you positively empowering yourself?
While you may be faced with challenges, surrounded by naysayers or societal influences, and besieged with nonbelievers or sceptics regarding your talents or abilities, none of these circumstances or people have as much power over you as your own thinking and belief in yourself.
03. August 2022
Are you positioning or posturing?
Are you operating from a place of strength or weakness? Building upon your strengths is positioning you for success.

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