31. May 2023
What could be even better?
When you reach even higher, what once seemed unreachable may be more possible that you thought.
24. May 2023
Is what's unappreciated the secret?
One of the greatest opportunities for growth professionally or entrepreneurially, is to embrace where others don’t see the worth.
17. May 2023
Are you reassessing everything?
When uncertainty starts to be what is consuming your thinking, it is time to press pause to reflect on all that you are certain about based on your successes, abilities, and achievements to-date.
10. May 2023
Are you falling behind?
When you feel as though you aren’t making any progress, it’s time to take a step back and reflect on what is occurring with renewed perspective.
03. May 2023
Are you sending the right message?
If you are not realizing the outcomes you desire, it may be because you are not fully committed to differentiating and reinforcing the brilliance you are bringing to the table.
26. April 2023
What's stopping you?
Chances are it is your own thinking that is causing the biggest roadblock, keeping you stagnant and not moving forward.
19. April 2023
Are you feeling out of sorts?
The problem with worry is it serves no valuable purpose except to distract and take your focus on what will help make the worry go away.
12. April 2023
Caught up in coulda woulda shoulda?
How you speak to yourself and to others indicates how you will take action or not take action.
05. April 2023
Is doubt putting you in limbo?
Replace doubt with an undaunting belief in who you are, what you are doing, what you believe is possible, and what you optimistically expect.
29. March 2023
Are you inspiring new problems?
One of the greatest side effects of trying something new or different than what has been done before are the problems that arise to challenge your perseverance, tenacity and ability to think beyond where you had been thinking before.

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