18. May 2022
Are you giving for the right reasons?
Do you give from a heart-centered place or a place of expectation? Do you give of your time, talent, or treasure as a core value, or because it makes you look good? Do you give to make a difference or to make or prove a point? Do you give in the spirit of paying it forward or from a mindset of sacrifice or obligation? Are you proactive in how you give or reactive depending on who asks for help?
11. May 2022
Are you taking what you have for granted?
Are you so focused on what you desire or want that you are not fully appreciating what you already have? Are you so determined in what you need others to be doing that you are taking for granted what they are already doing? Is your emphasis on becoming better or the best ignoring the very things or resources that could help you get there?
04. May 2022
Are you stuck in neutral?
Is all the swirl of activity literally have your head spinning on what to focus on next? Are you overwhelmed with to-do’s, demands, obligations and expectations to the point of feeling caught in a whirlwind? Do you feel that despite some much happening, nothing is happening to your liking or satisfaction?
27. April 2022
Are you acting as if?
How much do you believe in yourself, really? Do you allow doubt to minimize your confidence in what you are trying to achieve? Do you hesitate imagining what it will feel and look like for you when you achieve your desire? Do you take inspired actions or are you merely trying different things to see what might stick?
20. April 2022
Are you seeing obstacles or opportunities?
How do you view challenges or problems? Do you see them as limiting you or enriching you? Do you see yourself as hindered or capable? Are you feeling stuck or merely inconvenienced? The ability to tackle any challenge begins with you. There is no way to elevate to a higher level of ability, opportunity, or status without pushing yourself beyond where you have ever been before.
13. April 2022
Are you missing the mark?
Are you feeling as though no matter what you do, it is not getting you where you want to be? Have you tried several options, and yet none of them have panned out? Have you remained open to possibilities, but none seem to be reveling themselves? Are you determined to succeed, yet frustrated you aren’t closer to your target?
06. April 2022
Do you have an unignited burning desire?
Are you so focused on what you ought to be doing and need to be doing, that you are ignoring what you truly want to be doing? Do all of your obligations and others’ expectations take priority over anything that you want to do for yourself or your future? Do you feel that what you ultimately desire must wait due to demands and responsibilities you have now?
30. March 2022
Does what matters most get priority?
Are you making room in your life for what you really want? Or are you allowing everything around you dictate what you do and what you focus upon? If you are feeling pulled in many directions, it is because you are allowing others and circumstances to rule what you do. You have lost control in ways you may not have even realized. It is time to take charge and make room for YOU, your dreams., and what is important to you.
23. March 2022
Are you feeling limited?
Is there something that you feel limits you in some way? Is it time? Is it money? Is it confidence? Is it support? Is it courage? Is it others around you? Is it a circumstance you have found yourself within? If you are continuously focusing on what is limiting you, then you are stuck in a mindset that is crippling you from seeing your way out, up or around.
16. March 2022
Are you on the edge of achievement?
Do you feel like you are ever so close to that breakthrough and tipping point in your business or life, and yet cannot seem to get over that edge to achievement, fulfillment, and satisfaction? Do you have many irons in the fire in your efforts to accomplish what you have set out to do, and you are afraid to let any of them go for fear of losing momentum?

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