01. February 2023
Are you "scarecited"?
When you are at a point in your striving that you feel scared, it is because you are entering into new territory. Instead of misinterpreting the fear as a warning, embrace the fear as an invitation to be curious combined with a reminder to have faith.
25. January 2023
Is it an excuse, belief, or a reason?
Your powerful reasons for achieving, doing, and being will always override any beliefs or excuses telling you that you can’t. Be accountable to your dreams. Be unwavering and you will be unstoppable.
24. January 2023
BONUS BLOG: Getting Unstuck
If there is even one part of your life that you feel has stalled or is not as you had envisioned or hoped, there is probably more you can do than you realize to shift it more to you favor.
18. January 2023
Are you too busy?
There is an unintended subliminal message you are sending when you state you are busy to others or you feel too busy. It is telling others you do not have time for them, and it’s telling your inner spirit that you aren’t making time for what matters most.
11. January 2023
Are your goals really yours?
Feeling your goals from within is quintessential in your journey towards achieving them. When you feel them, they become more than something you check off as an accomplishment.
04. January 2023
Ready to notch it up?
Don’t allow what has been or what currently is be your reason. It is only your current circumstance. You always have a choice.
28. December 2022
Are you revisiting or next leveling?
For many, the New Year is too focused on resolutions and self-judgment, which leads to feeling less worthy, more guilty, more obligated, and more self-critical.
21. December 2022
What do you know for sure?
By simply stepping forward to explore and step beyond what you think you know for sure, you can create real momentum. When curiosity is engaged, uncertainty poises you for greater success.
14. December 2022
Could simplification be the key?
When progress feels impeded, it can impact our ability to make progress on a variety of fronts. Taking a step back to look at the situation in simpler terms may help you better determine your next steps so that progress can begin again.
07. December 2022
Do you already know the answer?
Sometimes, the best thing we can do when we are at a crossroads or pivotal point in our lives is to be still.

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