13. October 2021
Are your wheels spinning or turning?
Are your wheels spinning or turning? Do you feel as though you are continuously busy, yet not getting anywhere? Are you not making the progress you would like to be making for all the effort it feels you have put forth?
06. October 2021
Too focused on what hasn’t happened?
How are you viewing these past couple of years? Are you focusing on what went wrong or what went right? Are you wishing things were different or are you looking forward to continuing to make a difference? Are you feeling as though too many things had to be put on hold instead of focusing on what you can always still embrace?
29. September 2021
Is what’s gone wrong a blessing?
Have you recently experienced something not going as expected? Or has something gone totally wrong, even with your best efforts and intentions? Are you in the midst of a period in your life where you feel as though everything is turning left?when you are turning right?
22. September 2021
Can you make it happen?
Can you make it happen? As you look at your goals for this year and beyond, is there one particular goal that seems totally out of reach, yet you desire it all the same? Are you afraid of what it might take to get you where you want to be?
15. September 2021
Are you all over the place?
Are you all over the place? Are you overwhelmed with so many to-dos that you almost feel paralyzed as to where to begin? Do you have a multitude of opportunities, and all seem important and worth pursuing? Are you having difficulty prioritizing to move forward?
08. September 2021
Is your life and work in conflict?
Is your life and work in conflict? Do you find yourself in a sacrifice mode, feeling as though you must continuously choose between what you must get done at work or vice versa when it comes to priorities? Are you constantly feeling as though your life must wait because of work or that something you want to accomplish in your work must wait because of life?
01. September 2021
Are you focused on perfection or growth?
Perfection limits you, whereas seeking to grow and learn expands you.
25. August 2021
Is your cup half full or empty?
You can choose to see what is wrong or embrace with gratitude what is right. You always have a choice.
18. August 2021
August 18 – Wishing for a do over? Have some things not gone as you had hoped, and you are now wishing you could start all over again? Has a recent setback or challenge caused you to doubt your judgment? Have you pursued an opportunity only to find it not pan out as expected? Has a recent mistake or misstep caused you to beat yourself up due to the inconvenience of the undesirable result or feeling you should have known better?
11. August 2021
Is it time for next-level thinking?
You cannot exceed your expectations without exceeding your limits.

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