17. April 2024
Which glass is yours?
So many of us view life from a limited perspective without even realizing it. What is tangible is what we measure and what is not tangible is not valued or acknowledged.
10. April 2024
Are intangibles hindering tangible results?
​ You ​ There is no way to know exactly what you may encounter or is ahead of you that could impact what you are trying to accomplish. However, the more equipped you are with insights and perspective, the better you are able to make momentum-building decisions.
03. April 2024
Surrounded by negativity?
Negativity has a way of demanding attention, however, do you really need to give it the attention it is seeking?
27. March 2024
Need a mental prescription?
When you are mentally and emotionally spent, it is difficult to see through the chaos that has engulfed your psyche. It is easier to beat yourself up and believe you just are not up to it.
20. March 2024
Are you feeling tested?
When several challenges occur all at once, we too often get caught up in their accumulation as a whole versus viewing them as individual and manageable.
13. March 2024
Is the risk worth it?
To better understand how to assess a risk, you must first embrace your own mindset associated with risk.
06. March 2024
Are you working your plan?
If your plans continually get put to the back burner due to everything else that seems to be tugging at you, it’s time to take a step back and examine what really is important to you.
28. February 2024
Has "maybe" replaced "will"?
There is always something that can be done toward anything to which you are passionately committed to and believe in.
21. February 2024
Is the pressure getting to you?
Whatever you are striving to achieve should inspire and energize you, not weigh you down and discourage you. When you focus too much on what is not ideal, you lose sight of and miss opportunities to make your situation more ideal.
14. February 2024
Are you improving your tomorrow?
When life seems to be managing us versus us managing our lives, we can get caught up in a feeling of duty and production instead of being empowered by intention and progress. Every action you take can be and should be helping you manifest what you seek for your tomorrow.

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