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22. July 2020
Do you want something different? ... This week's Dream Wide Awake blog inspires you to focus on what you can do versus what you can't do.
20. May 2020
May 20 - Are you feeling disconnected? Has the lack of human contact made you feel disconnected even with all the virtual connecting? Have the limitations imposed on what you can and cannot do caused you to feel like you have lost all momentum and are starting all over again? Are you feeling as if you have lost precious opportunities? Has uncertainty and doubt replaced hope and optimism? When you feel disconnected, your greatest opportunity to reconnect exists within you.
18. March 2020
Mar 18 – Is scarcity all consuming? Amidst our national crisis, are you focused so much on what you can’t get or don’t have that you have forgotten about all that you already have readily available to you? Are you lamenting over how you are being limited and dictated to more than how you are being freed up? When you become so focused on being without, it is time to go deep within and remind yourself what can never be taken away from you, unless you allow it.
12. February 2020
Feb 12 – Is it never good enough? Are you having a hard time moving forward on a project or initiative because you are trying to “get it just right”? Do you constantly second guess yourself in your efforts? Are there voices from your past making you feel as though it is never quite good enough? Do you feel as though one challenge after another is keeping you from completing what you are setting out to do? Aiming to be the best you can be should never make you feel less than while in the...
08. January 2020
Jan 8 – Are you craving fulfillment? Are you feeling lackluster about your current life or the work you are doing? Even with resolutions you have made, are you feeling as though something is still missing and you cannot pinpoint what? Are you wanting to do something entirely different, yet have no idea what it could be? Are you feeling tied down or stuck where you currently are in your life? You are here for a reason. A powerful, life-changing one. Whether it is to have an impact on one life...
03. July 2019
July 3, 2019 - Are you in your own way? Are you feeling like everything is up to you or it doesn’t get done? Are you constantly moving, making things happen, getting things done, checking things off of your list, and yet feel as though you never have a moment to catch your breath? OR are you stuck and cannot seem to get past it and you are not clear why? Are you hesitating more than progressing and doubting more than doing? Are you questioning, yet not finding the answers or answering when...