Are you craving fulfillment?

Jan 8 – Are you craving fulfillment? Are you feeling lackluster about your current life or the work you are doing? Even with resolutions you have made, are you feeling as though something is still missing and you cannot pinpoint what?  Are you wanting to do something entirely different, yet have no idea what it could be? Are you feeling tied down or stuck where you currently are in your life? You are here for a reason. A powerful, life-changing one. Whether it is to have an impact on one life or many lives, you have within you a seed of inspiration or hope for someone who needs to plant it. If you a craving more fulfillment, start with getting to know yourself at a deeper level. And once you break through and resurface, you will find a pathway to fulfillment that leads you exactly where you were meant to be.

Take an MM&I Moment to awaken to what would truly make you feel fulfilled and alive each and every day. What are you wishing you could do more often or experience daily? What do you value most in how you relate, exist, and try to be with and for others? What absolutely thrills you and brings a smile to your face? What makes you feel deeply in your heart and motives you to take action? As you capture these values, the very core of what makes you, you, then take a moment to also capture your reasons why. Out of this discovery will come the magnificent realization of what you were meant to be doing. Then all it takes is you choosing to be who you were meant to be.


Wide Awake Quote of the Week

“Choices, skillfully made, lead to freedom.” – Henapola Gunaratama


Yours in dreaming WIDE awake,