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27. January 2021
Feeling uninspired?
Stuck in limbo or feeling unmotivated is a sign that you may be taking some of the simple things in your life for granted.
02. December 2020
Opportunities abound. Simply think beyond what you see and vision beyond what you think
16. September 2020
Every day, countless options are presented to you for embracing. It is simply a matter of seeing the possibilities in moments and in others.
12. August 2020
This week's Dream Wide Awake blog encourages you to reach out ... connect ... share ... because you are only as limited as you believe yourself to be.
22. July 2020
Do you want something different? ... This week's Dream Wide Awake blog inspires you to focus on what you can do versus what you can't do.
10. June 2020
June 10 – Does your journey seem too long? Are you becoming frustrated because if feels that what you are trying to accomplish is taking longer than you thought it would take? Are you starting to lose hope and questioning if you should keep on keeping on? Instead of focusing on how much further you feel you are going to have to go, consider how far you have come to get where you are right now.
03. June 2020
Trusting yourself is your greatest super power in bringing your desires into reality.
27. May 2020
May 27 - Are your actions speaking volumes? Are the things that are most important to you getting your attention? Are your recent actions demonstrating your priorities? Is what you intend to do and what you are actually doing in alignment? Our actions reinforce what we believe or allow to be important, even if we don’t really feel that way. How can that be? Because when what appears urgent overrides what is essential or when we disregard our own desires over everyone else’s desires, then we...
20. May 2020
May 20 - Are you feeling disconnected? Has the lack of human contact made you feel disconnected even with all the virtual connecting? Have the limitations imposed on what you can and cannot do caused you to feel like you have lost all momentum and are starting all over again? Are you feeling as if you have lost precious opportunities? Has uncertainty and doubt replaced hope and optimism? When you feel disconnected, your greatest opportunity to reconnect exists within you.
13. May 2020
May 13 – Is what you don’t know stopping you? Have current affairs caused you to second guess everything you had planned to do or are doing? Are you questioning what you thought you knew because of so much information flowing at you from many directions and sources? Are you uncertain how to proceed, and have no idea where to begin? When you feel as though there is so much more you need to know, it can become overwhelming and even paralyzing. Instead of viewing it as all encompassing, view...

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