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03. June 2020
Trusting yourself is your greatest super power in bringing your desires into reality.
29. April 2020
April 29 – Has the time come? Is there something you have been meaning to get to or wanting to do, and there were always a million and one reasons why you couldn’t do it? With the disruption that has occurred in recent weeks, have you considered that now may be the perfect time to consider it once and for all? Or are you using the current affairs as yet another excuse for why the time is not right? While the world situation may make you feel limited, your greatest limitation is occurring...
05. June 2019
June 5 – Is pleasing others hindering performance? Are you so busy pleasing others in your life that you are not able to give your best to what you want to be doing? Do you feel pulled in all directions at work with what is being demanded upon you? Do you feel distracted at home, because of everyone vying for your attention? Are you feeling unsatisfied and ungratified by your progress to-date on all that you desire? Do you feel that you could give so much more if only you didn’t have so...