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07. October 2020
Amidst chaos, joy exists. You just need to remember, appreciate and embrace it.
19. February 2020
Feb 19 – Are you addicted to stress? Do you feel as though you are in a constant survival mode, continuously reacting to all that is happening around you? Do you feel as though everything is coming at you, and nothing is happening for you? Do you feel as though you don’t have much of a choice in your current state of affairs and just need to keep on keeping on as best as you can? When you have been overwhelmed with a lot of stressful activity and demands, your physical body reacts...
22. January 2020
Jan 22 - Need to say "yes" to yourself? Are you feeling pressure from all fronts and it seems there isn’t enough time to breathe, let alone take a break? Are you swamped with obligations and deadlines and feel your focus cannot waver, even for a moment? Are you loving all that is being thrown at you, while at the same time, not stopping to smell the roses to celebrate all that you have accomplished? When you feel all tied up in knots, whether it is good or bad stress, it is your body telling...