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12. February 2020
Feb 12 – Is it never good enough? Are you having a hard time moving forward on a project or initiative because you are trying to “get it just right”? Do you constantly second guess yourself in your efforts? Are there voices from your past making you feel as though it is never quite good enough? Do you feel as though one challenge after another is keeping you from completing what you are setting out to do? Aiming to be the best you can be should never make you feel less than while in the...
23. October 2019
Are you taking steps that are building momentum? Are you making moves that are moving you forward? If you feel like you are constantly in motion yet still aren’t getting anywhere, it may be time to assess how you are prioritizing actions and the choices you are making. Are you building off of successes or always in a “try something new” mode? Are you reinventing the wheel or allowing what is working to inspire next-best actions towards success? Each decision and choice you make is an...
11. September 2019
Sept 11 – Are you positively convinced? Are you viewing a challenge with everything that can go wrong or go right? Do you find yourself wavering in your confidence as you tackle the next steps or are you unwavering in your determination? Are you allowing naysayers to influence your doubts, or are their words fueling your commitment to succeed no matter the odds? Being aware of the odds is different than being intimidated by the odds.
21. August 2019
August 21 – Are you feeling it’s too late? Have you made yourself believe that it is now too late to pursue something you really wanted to be doing? Have you delayed in responding or following up on something, so now you believe the opportunity has been lost? Has someone instilled this way of thinking into you? Whatever is causing you to believe this, it’s time to shift your thinking. You have total control of your thoughts, and once you embrace this reality, you then have total control...
31. July 2019
July 31 – Are you dipping your toe or diving in? As you go about your day, how are you embracing your dreams and desires? Are they top of mind? Are you making decisions for intentional progress? Are you taking some time to absorb and visualize yourself in the possibilities and then determining actions that can get you closer to where you want to be? If you are only imagining, yet not taking action, you are allowing your dreams to stay dreams. If you are listing things that can be done, yet...
26. June 2019
June 26, 2019 - Are you viewing discipline in the right way? Are you beating yourself up because you have not accomplished all that you have set out to do? Have many things gotten in your way, pulling you in a multitude directions? There is a fine balance between doing for others and doing for oneself. When it is out of balance, all that you are doing for others feels like work and all that you are not doing for yourself feels like sacrifice and unfulfilled intentions. It is important to do...
29. May 2019
May 29 – Is working hard not reaping desired results? Is your nose to the grindstone day in and day out, and yet, you are not seeing the reward for all of your effort? Are you giving it your all only to feel as though it is just never enough? Do you take pride in being in control and taking charge, always forging forward, and always taking action? Perhaps that is part of your problem. What you say? Sometimes our get-to-it attitude is actually part of what can get in our way when we are only...
15. May 2019
May 15 – Are you closer than you think? Have you been diligently working towards your goals and it feels like with each step you take there are so many more steps to be taken? Are there steps that could be better served by others contributing and helping? Are there ways to achieve the same end-result with more impact and fewer steps? Sometimes the simplest of insights or shifts can transform what seems far-reaching into easily grasped.
01. May 2019
May 1, 2019 - How much do you want it? How committed are you to achieving what you most desire? What are you willing to do in order to make things happen for you? I am not talking about sacrifice. If you feel you must sacrifice, then you are in a limiting state of mind that is hindering your true potential to achieve. I am talking about action. Inspired action.
17. April 2019
April 17, 2019 - Are you making it real? Do you have a goal that is so big and intimidating, that it feels more like a dream? Are you viewing the things you ultimately want to be doing as way in the future, or not quite attainable yet? When it seems far reaching, you are subconsciously doubting whether it can be achieved. If you can imagine it, it can be real. If you have conceived the possibility, it can be your probability.

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