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22. May 2019
May 22, 2019 - Is "can't" stopping you? Are you attempting to accomplish something that is being met with naysayers or can’t doers? Are you hesitating to take action because of internal doubts or a part of you believing what others are saying cannot be done? If you have conceived it, even if you don’t know all the steps, you can achieve it. If you believed enough to conceive it, then the only thing that is stopping you is you.
20. February 2019
Feb 20 – Are you unwavering, or settling? Are you striving for something that others believe is impossible or even you believe seems impossible? How are you approaching it? With unwavering commitment and determination? Or sometimes settling for less because of doubts or uncertainty? Even if right now it seems impossible, if you want and desire it for reasons that impassion and excite you, then don't allow anything or anyone to stop you from making progress. Be unwavering in learning something...
16. July 2018
July 16 – Are you determined enough? Are you feeling discouraged by your progress to-date on certain fronts in your life? Are you not getting where you had hoped you would be on a certain initiative or goal? Too often, when things don't go as hoped or planned, we allow what hasn't occurred to cloud our ability to continue to make things occur. Take an MM&I Moment to evaluate how you may be holding yourself back even more than you realize. Ask yourself just how committed you are to achieve...