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09. September 2020
It is never about cloning yourself. It is about letting others in to be, do, and co-create amazingness with you!
29. May 2019
May 29 – Is working hard not reaping desired results? Is your nose to the grindstone day in and day out, and yet, you are not seeing the reward for all of your effort? Are you giving it your all only to feel as though it is just never enough? Do you take pride in being in control and taking charge, always forging forward, and always taking action? Perhaps that is part of your problem. What you say? Sometimes our get-to-it attitude is actually part of what can get in our way when we are only...
15. October 2018
Oct 15, 2018 - Are you so busy it's blinded you? Are you saying to yourself, "I will get to it once I get through all of this?" Have you thought to yourself, "I will get back on track once we can catch our breath?" Are you so busy putting out fires and reacting to every demand and request that you feel as though you cannot even think? When time seems to be constantly getting away from you, it is time for you to see what is really going on. Take an MM&I Moment to try to see what you are...