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02. December 2020
Opportunities abound. Simply think beyond what you see and vision beyond what you think
16. September 2020
Every day, countless options are presented to you for embracing. It is simply a matter of seeing the possibilities in moments and in others.
27. November 2019
Nov 27 – Are you limiting your possibilities? When it comes to what you are striving to achieve, how open are you to all the possible ways to make it happen? Have you devised a plan that has you so laser focused, you may be closing yourself off to opportunities? Do you believe that only people in your professional circles can help you in your business or career, or that only people in your personal circles can help you in your life? Are you open to suggestions on ways to accomplish things, or...
08. May 2019
May 8 - Are you growing enough? Have you gotten into a routine that is comfortable, yet predictable? Are you settled in your ways of doing things, and yet not satisfied with where you currently are in life or you business? To continually find great satisfaction and enjoyment, it is necessary for you to explore outside of what is familiar and known. We as humans have been given the great gift of curiosity, and it is fostering this gift that can take you to levels unimagined before. Be open. Be...