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24. June 2020
June 24 - Are you waiting and seeing? Has all the disruption of the past few months caused you to pause or hesitate in what you were working toward? Do you feel as though your business as usual has been forever changed and you simply have no idea where to turn or what are your best options now? Are you beginning to question everything and feel as though you have no answers at this time? When life throws us a curve ball, while there seems no straight path, there is always clarity to be gained.
11. September 2019
Sept 11 – Are you positively convinced? Are you viewing a challenge with everything that can go wrong or go right? Do you find yourself wavering in your confidence as you tackle the next steps or are you unwavering in your determination? Are you allowing naysayers to influence your doubts, or are their words fueling your commitment to succeed no matter the odds? Being aware of the odds is different than being intimidated by the odds.