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20. May 2020
May 20 - Are you feeling disconnected? Has the lack of human contact made you feel disconnected even with all the virtual connecting? Have the limitations imposed on what you can and cannot do caused you to feel like you have lost all momentum and are starting all over again? Are you feeling as if you have lost precious opportunities? Has uncertainty and doubt replaced hope and optimism? When you feel disconnected, your greatest opportunity to reconnect exists within you.
18. June 2018
June 18, 2018 - Is it never enough? Are you always chasing the next goal, without pausing a moment to appreciate and absorb what you just achieved? Is the focus too much on what is wrong or not working instead of what is right with any given situation or is someone in your life imposing this way of thinking, causing you to limit your own beliefs of what you are capable of doing? While always striving to be better is a key factor to ongoing achievement, when it is mired with rushing to the next...