Are you paying attention?

Oct 22, 2018 - Are you paying attention? Are you so focused on what you need to get done, that you may not be seeing what could make it easier or more successful? Do you feel you simply have no time to even breathe or pause, so you just keep at it because you believe that is what you must do? Are you taking the time to look around you to see what you may not be seeing in order to think what you haven’t considered before? Awareness is one of the most under-utilized success factors for most people.

Take an MM&I Moment to reflect on how paying attention may serve you more effectively. Are there re-occurring problems or issues that you keep putting off addressing? Are you engaging your team to share what they are seeing or hearing that could guide your next decisions? Are there things you could be doing for customers or your team that are being overlooked? Could you take a moment to pause to see and hear more clearly, and what is that pause really going to cost you? The answer is nothing, and what it could earn you in insight may likely be priceless. I’d venture to say that paying attention is time well spent.

Synergized Quote of the Week
"It’s free to pay attention.” – Jon Dressler

SIDE NOTE: I am in the midst of interviewing successful entrepreneurs for my next book, The Profitability Quotient, and the quote from Jon Dressler inspired this week’s Monday Motivation focus. I chose to feature Jon Dressler in my book because I am among his raving fans as a long-time customer.  His team truly does pay attention! If you haven’t been to one of his restaurants or his newest one, Fin & Fino, plan a visit soon. To get an overview of all five restaurants, go to
Yours in synergistic thinking,