Are you thinking too much?

July 17, 2017 - Are you thinking too much? Are you caught up in over-thinking about things that are happening or that you are considering doing? Are you analyzing every aspect, trying to figure out what could be a potential problem or needs to be considered before taking action? Are you hesitant to move forward until you believe you understand or have contemplated every possible alternative or issue? Is your thinking taking you into realms of all that could go wrong, further delaying your ability to actually commit to your next step? It may be that you have been captured in analysis paralysis due to a fear or discomfort of the unknown or past experiences that are tainting your view of the present or future.


Take an MM&I Moment to take intentional action. If you have several options before you, and are stuck on which one to choose, identify a step you can take now in each option, and then move forward taking each of those steps. Perhaps by moving forward on all the options, that next step will solidify which one is the best one to pursue. If you are stuck in your thinking about a particular situation you are in, seek the perspective of someone you trust and would value insight from. They may help you get unstuck or see it completely different in a way that you can release how you are thinking and move on. Your ability to think is a powerful tool when harnessed in the right way for empowering you, instead of stagnating you. Take intentional action today, and then tomorrow and each day, and you will find that your thinking will become more action-oriented as well.


Synergized Quote of the Week 

"Let your performance do the thinking." - Charlotte Bronte


Yours in synergistic thinking,