Are you jinxing your momentum?

March 13, 2017 - Are you jinxing your momentum? Do you approach some days with gusto and other days less intently? Have you had some successes, and as a result, have slowed your pace a bit moving forward? Are you expecting these successes to build new opportunities and you are waiting to see what transpires? Momentum is created by building upon what is already succeeding. Waiting to see what may happen is succumbing to a belief that you don't have as much control as you actually do. Consistently and intentionally focusing on what is working and has worked propels your efforts and intensifies your successes. Eagerly seeking to leverage opportunities is how monumental success is realized.

Take an MM&I Moment to assess how effectively you are building momentum. List your most recent successes and how you have or can leverage what you already know or have learned. Review this past week of activity. Have you put daily effort into all that you truly want to achieve? Have you prioritized actions that will help you build upon what has worked to achieve more of the same? Are you sharing successes with others who can assist you so you can multiply effectiveness? With each moment, the momentum you create is empowered by you first and foremost. Embrace the power of you.

 Synergized Quote of the Week
"Every act you have ever performed since the day you were born was performed because you wanted something." - Andrew Carnegie


Yours in synergized thinking,