Is saying "No" your opportunity?

Mar 28, 2011 - Is saying "No" your opportunity? Are you not saying "No" enough in order to get what you truly want and desire out of your life?  Is "No" what you need to say in order to make room for the real opportunities? Or is "No" what you need to say in order to declare that you will no longer settle for or accept mediocrity, simply because this may be the norm for others?  Could saying "No" help you claim your right to disagree in order to realize a much better end result? The negativity associated with the word "No" can often be misconstrued as something to avoid when it is actually the very thing you need to say in order to realize a more positive outcome.


Take an MM&I Moment to explore why and when saying "No" could be in your and others' best interests.  Consider something you have recently agreed to, that does not please or excite you. Consider something you keep thinking you should say "No" to, and yet, continue to be complacent or agreeable. Consider how saying "No" could help elevate thinking or an initiative to a higher level? It isn't always easy or comfortable to say "No," however it could very well be your passage to where you ultimately want to be. Stop making saying "No" so difficult, and embrace its power when done with grace, consideration and focused intention.


Synergized Quote of the Week

 "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity" - Albert Einstein


The ability to look inside yourself and acknowledge those aspects that keep you from making progress towards your goals is the first step toward finally realizing your ultimate life. This begins with saying "No" and "Yes" based on your passions, purpose and knowing what truly matters in your life.


Yours in synergistic thinking,