Are you redoing unintentionally?

Nov 16, 2015 - Are you redoing unintentionally? Are you wasting time redoing what could be simplified or systemized? Are you caught up in doing certain tasks over and over again that seem to be taking your time away from more profitable or value-creating activity? Are you irritated by having to redo something that should have been done right the first time?  Chances are, you are experiencing frustration because you are feeling as though everything is harder than it should be to accomplish.


Take an MM&I Moment to understand how you can be more intentional, effective and efficient in your activities.  What can be documented so everyone has a clear understanding of how a particular task is to be performed? What can be automated to create time and efficiencies? How can technology better serve you in getting certain things done? How can other people serve you to do more effectively what you are doing begrudgingly? How can a form, checklist or standard help you more effectively complete and quality-control a task? You have within your arsenal of knowledge the ability to work smarter, versus harder. Simply unleash this knowledge-base to make everything you are doing rewarding, profitable and value-added internally and externally.


Synergized Quote of the Week

"Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things." - Peter Drucker


Yours in synergistic thinking,