Are you missing the point?

Sept 29, 2014 - Are you missing the point? Are you holding onto feelings of animosity, frustration or irritation about a person or situation that is blocking you from seeing what you need to see in order to move on? Have there been indicators of a direction you need to go, yet you aren't seeing or recognizing these signs? When we get caught up in the minutia of a negative circumstance, allowing it to consume us, we are less likely to notice opportunities that are glaringly in front of us. Our ability to overcome any situation is directly tied to our willingness to accept the lesson that is being bestowed upon us as a gift and a blessing, versus a curse or a crutch. When you can clearly embrace a situation to gain the true meaning behind it, you are freeing your mind to be open to the incredible opportunities awaiting your inspired action.


Take an MM&I Moment to explore the underlying lesson that you could be missing in the situation that is making you feel animosity, frustration or irritation to the point of distraction. What could you do differently when moving forward that would minimize its impact? What do you wish you would have known earlier that you do know now, that can trigger a different way of approaching the person or a similar situation in the future? Now reflect upon the last few weeks or months. Has someone been encouraging you to pursue something, but you have been ignoring it, perhaps because you have been so distracted by the negative situation?  Have you realized an inflow of information and inquiries, or been exposed to insights that would help you towards a desired goal, but you have ignored taking action at this time?  Never let an outside influence be the reason you are not moving forward in the direction of achieving your dreams. Seize back your ability to learn, choose and be all that you can be in every moment.  


Synergized Quote of the Week

"Life's too short for holding grudges and ignoring nudges." - Sherre' DeMao


Yours in synergistic thinking,