Are naysayers causing you doubt?

Aug 11, 2014 - Are naysayers causing you doubt? Are you trying to accomplish something and only finding that there are naysayers all around you telling you why it cannot be done? Is what they are saying distracting you, or worse yet, making you doubt your own intentions? A goal is a goal because it isn't something that is readily handed to you. It requires focus, resourcefulness, vision, passion, tenacity and above all, faith and confidence in what you are trying to accomplish. Instead of viewing naysayers as detractors, view them as the attractors of possible things you need to consider in order to overcome them and progress. Instead of seeing their discouragement as a sign that you should cease to pursue your goal, view it as thankful insight to helping you reach your goal smarter and faster.


Take an MM&I Moment to assess what you are really being told by the naysayers in your life. Instead of viewing them as frustrating cogs in your ability to focus on and achieve your goals, go beyond the surface of what they are saying and into the insights that they are bringing to you. Process what is being said by asking yourself, "What steps can I take to avoid or mitigate this potential challenge or obstacle?"  Dig deeper into why someone says that something you are trying to do cannot be done and ask yourself, "What are the next steps I need to take because I know that it can be done?"  When surrounded by naysayers, don't allow your own psyche to succumb and cause you to become your biggest naysayer. Allow your passion, confidence and conviction to rise above it all with your eyes and ears taking in everything around you as a means of insightful guidance towards total success.  


Synergized Quote of the Week

"The best vision is insight." - Malcolm S. Forbes


Yours in synergistic thinking,