Has "maybe" replaced "will"?

May 5, 2014 - Has "maybe" replaced "will"? Has your determination waned in accomplishing a particular goal that you still would really like to achieve? Have you caught yourself saying that maybe it could be a possibility instead of believing it will be a probability?  Are you not seeing or feeling progress, which is why you are now doubting your ability to reach your goal? Determination is important, but truly believing it is your reality is even more potent in manifesting anything you set out to achieve. The saying that 'seeing is believing' should be replaced by the statement "believing is being." There is always something that can be done toward anything to which you are passionately committed and believing in.


Take an MM&I Moment to understand why you have lost some of your confidence or your belief about what you had hoped to accomplish. What are you disappointed by? What are you frustrated by? What has caused doubt or lack of progress? Now go back to why you want to achieve this goal. What will it mean for you? What will it bring to you? How will it make life better for you or others? What doors could be opened for you? What privileges could you realize? What satisfaction will you experience? What difference will it make that excites you or delights you? By embracing your reasons and reigniting your passion about what you want to achieve, you will quickly convert possibility into probability. It is all a matter of believing every day and doing even the smallest thing every day to bring it into being.  


Synergized Quote of the Week

"Successful people strive no matter what they feel by applying their will to overcome apathy, doubt or fear." - Dan Millman


Yours in synergistic thinking,