Are you helping others succeed?

Oct 12, 2009 – Are you helping others succeed? In your efforts to succeed, what have you done to help others also succeed? Those who understand the power of a synergized world understand the empowerment that comes from planting seeds of success. Helping others sprout towards their achievements reaps a bountiful harvest for all. Because when you least expect it, that someone will remember, and more seeds will be planted for you.


Take an MM&I Moment to list a couple of things you can do to help someone else succeed in what they are trying to do without expectation for anything in return? Can you provide perspective? Can you provide a connection? Then take action on one of those things. Take pride in knowing you are helping someone besides yourself and the small difference it might make. 


Synergized Quote of the Week

"Success is attaining your dream while helping others benefit from that dream materializing." - Sugar Ray Leonard


Yours in synergistic thinking,