Have you dared yourself to dream big?

Sept 21, 2009- Have you dared yourself to dream big? A big bodacious dream that seems so out of reach that you laugh at the possibility? What is that dream for you? Have you written it down and why it would be so awesome to achieve? Stop looking at it as out of the realm of possibility and start taking steps towards making it closer to real.


Take an MM&I Moment and put that bodacious dream down and the reasons why it would be so fabulous for you, for others, for your life and work in general. Then write down one thing you can do to get closer to that dream. Is it something you need to learn? Is there someone you need to meet? And before you know it, you might just experience your imagination for real.


Synergized Quote of the Week

"Dare to visualize a world where your most treasured dreams have become true." - Ralph Marston


Yours in synergistic thinking,