Are you overwhelmed?

Aug 3, 2009 – Are you overwhelmed? Did you wake up this morning anxious and ready to take on the work week with gusto? OR were you thinking about how much you have on your plate or a task or project that you are not all that excited about tackling? Then you are still in that balancing mindset — feeling pressure, guilt and frustration instead of creating excitement, anticipation and action. If you are feeling overwhelmed or not all that excited about something, then delegate, delegate, delegate!! 


Take an MM&I moment to note who or what resource could assist you with that “not so exciting” task … or help you move pieces of a project forward while you work on something more rewarding … or take on some of what you have to do so you no longer feel overwhelmed. The little actions and interactions we create and take help us towards realizing our biggest achievements in life and in work.


Synergized Quote of the Week

"Focus comes from delegating tasks to the best possible people you can." - Alexis Ohanian


Yours in synergistic thinking,