12. June 2024
Are you losing momentum?
Your ability to see other ways to progress and to take action even in the smallest of ways can help momentum be regained.
05. June 2024
Is your past sabotaging your future?
Being caught in a past-minded way of thinking is taking your focus away from your ability to progress or may be keeping you caught in the past instead of embracing the present and the future.
29. May 2024
Are you "do-thinking" enough?
Your ability to think and imagine the possibilities is only as powerful as your ability to take action and make those possibilities come to life moment-to-moment, and day in, day out.
22. May 2024
Are your talent and treasure aligned?
When you have talent and unique abilities to offer, it is up to you to make them known, understood, and appreciated to their fullest capacity to be leveraged and valued.
15. May 2024
Needing reinforcement?
There are things within your control and things outside of your control. Knowing the difference and recognizing what you can truly control is the secret to higher levels of achievement.
08. May 2024
Feeling crowded out?
Even in a crowded space, there is a way to be heard, stand out, and gain traction. You are only crowded out if you accept this to be your reality.
01. May 2024
Desiring more fruitful outcomes?
The concept of pruning doesn’t just apply to plants for a more bountiful outcome. It also applies to your work and your life when it comes to realizing outcomes that are plentiful and rewarding.
24. April 2024
Need to activate your inner switch?
It begins with an openness to explore deep within and progresses through an examination of what is within and outside of your control.
17. April 2024
Which glass is yours?
So many of us view life from a limited perspective without even realizing it. What is tangible is what we measure and what is not tangible is not valued or acknowledged.
10. April 2024
Are intangibles hindering tangible results?
​ You ​ There is no way to know exactly what you may encounter or is ahead of you that could impact what you are trying to accomplish. However, the more equipped you are with insights and perspective, the better you are able to make momentum-building decisions.

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