How is “trying” working out for you?

Jan 17 - How is "trying" working out for you? Have you been saying or heard someone else say, “I am trying.” Or “I am trying my best.” related to an inquiry of how a specific aspect of life or work is going? While this is a common response to give, what may it be revealing? One is either trying or actually doing related to whatever they have on their plate to accomplish or move forward. When you find yourself or hear someone else say the word “try,” does it really answer the question? No, it deflects having to answer the question in most cases, with hopes that no further explanation is necessary. 

Trying is riddled with excuses. Doing is demonstrated in actions. Trying is motivated by guilt. Doing is motivated by goals and a belief in oneself. To try is to give in. Give in to distractions. Give in to temptations. Give in to others’ priorities. Give in to circumstances or challenges. To do is to give all – give all to finding options, alternatives, next steps and next best actions to take. To only TRY is “To Reveal Yourself” in ways that may need to be explored further. 


Take an MM&I Moment to explore what is being revealed by trying versus doing. What is holding you back from taking action and actually doing something to move and progress forward? How are you accepting mediocracy or a belief you can’t or are unworthy of succeeding? How is self-doubt playing a role in inaction? How is everything around you shifting your focus away from what is important to you? How is not making something a priority revealing that maybe it isn’t a priority after all? 


The next time someone asks how a particular endeavor is coming along, stop yourself if you find yourself telling someone you are trying or trying your best. Instead, shift your words and your thinking to what you are doing or have recently done towards that effort. What you will find is a level of engagement and potential interest that could be of value and support to you with additional ideas and support.


And if you haven’t done anything recently? Be honest with yourself and explore your underlying reasons, not excuses, why. Take time to reset your priority around it, reframe your thinking around yourself, and then embrace taking action and the power of doing for momentum-building success!


Wide Awake Quote of the Week

We grow small trying to be great.” – E. Stanley Jones 


Yours in dreaming WIDE awake,

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