BONUS BLOG: Opportunity in Unexpected Places

From Dandelion to Wishes Coming True


Remember as a child getting so excited as you carefully picked those white whimsical puffballs, closed your eyes, and made a wish as you blew? Watching those seedlings that looked like magic wands flow into the sky taking your wish with them was exhilarating, wasn’t it? The wonder! The possibilities! It was later as a child that you learned those magical puffballs were dandelions transformed in their natural cycle of life.


Now consider how many times you have you been told and now believe that dandelions are just weeds, not wildflowers. Consider the fact that when deciding to pick wildflowers, dandelions are overlooked, shunned as not worthy of being in a bouquet by most people. And yet, these dandelions become the inspiration of wish-filled imaginations later in their life cycle.


What are the dandelions in your world of existence that could be magical opportunities in disguise? What or who are you taking for granted, and not appreciating for the richness they could bring to you right now? What you are taking for granted or not appreciating could be your greatest source of opportunity and abundance. 

1. Acquaintances: Who have you recently met or connected with a while ago who should be more than just an acquaintance? Consider what you are trying to accomplish right now. Could this person or persons be more influential, helpful, or connected in ways that could benefit you? The only way to know is to reconnect and learn more. How could you in return benefit them? Nothing is more trust-building and credible than reaching out to someone you just met and connecting them to a resource or opportunity. You won’t be forgotten, and they will be more willing to help you in return. 


2. Connections: So often, when we navigate into a next phase of life, work, or business, we lose sight of the value of all the connections we have made along the way. Just because you are charging forward on a different path does not mean all those connections are no longer valuable. We have all heard of the six degrees of separation, and with the way we stay connected it has become more likely one or two degrees of separation. It is highly likely that connections from your past can be brilliant, unexpected conduits towards opportunities for your present and future. Best of all, these people already know you, what you represent, and what you are capable of accomplishing. Reach back out. Let them know what you are doing. Inquire about what they are doing. See where it takes you.


3. Underserved: Who is underserved or not being served effectively where you could make a real difference? I remember more than three decades ago when I determined to focus on small business, everyone else thought I was crazy. Comments such as, “They won’t be able to pay you.” or “Why not focus on bigger companies with more money?” I received instant referrals from indirect competitors that were focusing on larger companies and were happy to hand off “the small business” to my company so as not to be bothered. Really? Yes, really. Nearly four decades later, now focusing on small businesses is all the rage. However, we have the track record to prove it. Who is underserved in your marketplace that could be who you could become the expert, the guru, the go-to that no one else seems to be paying attention to serving? Embrace, relate and pursue while everyone else is competing for the masses. 


4. Family & Friends: While we don’t want to believe we would do such a thing as take family and friends for granted, the reality is that either personally or professionally, many of us do. On the personal front, we believe that certain family or friends won’t understand what we are trying to achieve professionally or in our business, so we don’t share with them, not realizing the vast network of people they know who could be exactly the resource or connection you need. On a professional front, we may expect family and friends to use their talents on our behalf at a special rate or discounted value because they are family or friends. Instead, appreciate your family and friends as an inner circle of support, resources, opportunities, and possibilities. Most important, if you do leverage their abilities within your business, pay them what they are worth just as you would expect the same for your own worth. 


5. Yourself: What do you believe about yourself that is holding you back from realizing all you could be achieving? What is limiting you because you believe you don’t have what it takes, when you actually do have what it takes? One of the greatest obstacles keeping many small business owners stuck is their own view of themselves. You don’t think big enough because you don’t believe you can handle the growth. You feel overwhelmed. You feel inadequate in what it will take to grow. Guess what? Growth is possible by letting others support and help you, such as acquaintances, past connections, or family and friends. Perhaps you are nervous about what you don’t know that you don’t know. Growing is about being challenged and stepping up to the challenge by gaining insights, knowledge, and perspective. Get out of your own way. Embrace what is possible because you decided it is possible. 


I hope after reading this, you will view a dandelion with a bit more respect. Because within what seems insignificant is great significance, once you open your eyes, heart, and mind to receive it. 


Yours in dreaming WIDE awake,