Are you feeling out of sorts?

April 19 – Are you feeling out of sorts? Are you finding yourself to be more irritable than normal and having a difficult time shaking it off? Are more things distracting you and are little things getting to you to the point that you are becoming irritated even with yourself? Chances are there are some underlying things you are worrying about that are the culprits contributing to your mood. 

The problem with worry is it serves no valuable purpose except to distract and take your focus on what will help make the worry go away. The past is filled with regrets and the future is hindered by worry. Don’t allow worry to cause regrets for what you can potentially do right now.  

Take an MM&I Moment to awaken to all the things that are bothering you right now, no matter how small. What are you worrying won’t turn out as you had hoped? What are you worrying may not happen that you want to happen? What are you worrying about based on imagined possibilities that you hope don’t occur?  Who are you worrying about and why? Get all these things down on paper.  Then next to each one, write what you CAN DO to keep things moving in the direction that you desire. Write down what you CAN DO to make other exciting or positive things happen so you will stop worrying and simply start doing. Most important, write down where you can’t do anything in the moment, and need to just trust and be patient. To help you shift and not be frustrated by this, write down five things that you are happy have happened most recently. What can you do to leverage these successes? Now with all that you have identified in what you CAN DO, put your CAN DO into motion!  


Wide Awake Quote of the Week

Worry is the negative use of your imagination. – Paul Talbot


Yours in dreaming WIDE awake,