Are you "scarecited"?

Feb 01 – Are you "scarecited"? Are you about to embark on something that scares and excites you all at the same time? Are you stepping out of your comfort zone in an effort to realize your dream or something you really, really desire? Is the fear you are feeling causing the excitement to be questioned? Is the fear you are feeling coming from a place of overthinking based on past experiences? Is the fear you are feeling causing you to hesitate, even just a little? Are you starting to believe this hesitancy is your intuition trying to tell you something. 

No great accomplishment has ever been achieved without going further or reaching farther than you have ever been before.  When you are at a point in your striving that you feel scared, it is because you are entering into new territory. Instead of misinterpreting the fear as a warning, embrace the fear as an invitation to be curious combined with a reminder to have faith.   


Take an MM&I Moment to awaken your heart and mind to this thing that both scares you and excites you. What is it that is scary? Note anything and everything that comes to mind. What could help ease your fear? Is it knowing someone who has already been there and could be a mentor or source of insight? Is it learning more about an aspect you are unfamiliar to gain more clarity? Is it looking at your various options to determine small steps you can courageously take forward? Now also take a look at why you are excited. What do you believe could be realized as a result of achieving this? What excites you the most about this endeavor, opportunity, or challenge and why? Allow yourself to become more centered in all the reasons you are excited to reinforce it is worth it, no matter what. And once you rise to the challenge, you will be amazed how it raises you even higher than you imagined. The wind beneath your wings is awaiting your leap of faith.


Wide Awake Quote of the Week

One of my mantras is if I'm scared to do something, then I have to do it." – Jennifer Hough


Yours in dreaming WIDE awake,

P.S. For added insight, read this guest blog I wrote for Mike Dooley’s entitled, 4 Ways You May Be Letting FEAR Stop You.