Is it an excuse, belief, or a reason?

Jan 25 – Is it an excuse, belief, or a reason? Is there something you have been meaning to get to or pursue?  What are your reasons that you haven't? Are they excuses, misguided beliefs or legitimate reasons? With January coming to a close, don't allow your way of thinking keep you from doing what you really would like to be doing any longer. Open up your mind to options so the excuses and beliefs can be pushed aside to make way for your action based on all the reasons why you should pursue and embrace what you really want.  

Don't allow procrastination to keep you from what you truly want to be doing. Don't allow limiting beliefs to shortchange what you ultimately desire. Don’t allow life’s demands to distract and take your focus away. If it is important to where you want to be, then tackle what may be stopping you and leap forward.  Your powerful reasons for achieving, doing, and being will always override any beliefs or excuses telling you that you can’t. Be accountable to your dreams. Be unwavering and you will be unstoppable.  


Take an MM&I Moment to list all that is keeping you from pursuing your heart’s desires. Now be honest. Which are just excuses for you to procrastinate? Which are beliefs that are not serving you and that you should question? Which are real reasons that must be overcome? Eliminate the excuses. Now look at your beliefs you may have listed. Where did this belief come from? Is it in alignment with your values? If it is not in alignment with your values, how can you reframe it to be more in alignment?  Finally, focus on each reason that appears to be an obstacle with an open mind and a determined spirit. Then take pride in the rush that comes from getting things back in motion. What is your next step you could take to make it less of a challenge or obstacle? When you allow what is most meaningful to come to the surface,  your actions become inspired revealing new approaches, options, and opportunities. 


Wide Awake Quote of the Week

Accountability breeds response-ability." – Stephen R. Covey


Yours in dreaming WIDE awake,

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