Is what “isn’t” diminishing what is

June 29 – Is what “isn’t” diminishing what is? What isn’t easy? What isn’t occurring? What isn’t moving forward? What isn’t being honored? What isn’t being appreciated? What isn’t being acted upon? What isn’t being acknowledged? What isn’t accomplished? When you are feeling drained, overwhelmed, or uncertain due to everything that is not happening as you desire, it can take its toll on your ability to see what IS happening in your favor.


 It can even make you feel that what IS isn’t enough. Once you shift from what isn’t to what is, your eyes will open to all your possibilities ready to be received.


Take an MM&I Moment to awaken to your blessings and shift your focus to what IS occurring, moving forward, being honored, appreciated, being acted upon, being acknowledged and being accomplished. Take each one of these areas and make a list of anything that comes to mind. You will be surprised how much is actually going right. Then take a moment to make a two-column list. On the left, what is out of your control, and on the right, what is in your control. Now take a look at what is in your control and add to that list what you can do within your control to shift from “isn’t” to inspired action based on what IS happening and what you CAN do!


Wide Awake Quote of the Week 

“Problems are not stop signs; they are guidelines.”– Robert Schuller


Yours in dreaming WIDE awake,




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