Are you all over the place?

Sept 15 Are you all over the place? Are you overwhelmed with so many to-dos that you almost feel paralyzed as to where to begin? Do you have a multitude of opportunities, and all seem important and worth pursuing? Are you having difficulty prioritizing to move forward? Are you worried you may miss an opportunity or have missed opportunities due to your hesitation or being overwhelmed? When opportunities are pulling you in a multitude of ways along with your many to-dos, then you need better focus through taking charge of what you can control.

You are most effective when you become a manager of your destiny versus reactive or paralyzed by life’s happenings. It’s more than just taking control; it is actually about taking charge of what you can control. This empowers you to get things done beyond the confines of your mind or capabilities, enabling you to make better decisions and choices.

Take an MM&I Moment to re-awaken your focus so you can better prioritize and take action. First, look at your to-do’s. Which can be delegated to afford you more time to analyze your opportunities? Which items on your to-do can wait? Which to-do items aren’t even necessary? Now that you have taken more charge of your to-do’s, now look at your opportunities and prioritize as follows. Which opportunities specifically align with your current goals in helping you fulfill your personal or professional mission? Place an “MA” for mission aligned next to them. Which ones have a specific deadline attached to them for when a decision or action needs to be taken? Place the date and prioritize according to which are fast approaching versus further in the future. Which ones require the least amount of effort promising the greatest gain? Place in order of least to most effort. Start with those that match your goals and purpose and are most time sensitive. This will get you back in motion with a couple of the opportunities to pursue right now. Revisit this process as you continue to whittle through your to-dos and opportunities and soon you will find instead of feeling all over the place, you are exactly in the place you had hoped to be, or even better. 


Wide Awake Quote of the Week

“Whatever has to be done; it’s always your choice.”  – Wayne Dyer


Yours in dreaming WIDE awake,