Are you settling for less?

July 7 – Are you settling for less? Are you beginning to feel that what you are striving to accomplish may be more bodacious than you originally thought? Have setbacks or challenges caused you to question your expectations? Are others putting the idea in your head that your expectations are too high or unreasonable? Are you starting to believe this yourself? If you originally imagined it as a possibility, the only thing between you and achieving it is you.


Too often settling is viewed as a means of being more comfortable when it is actually robbing you of your greatest opportunities to know true satisfaction and gratification. 



Take an MM&I Moment to reawaken your vigor in what caused you to desire and strive for something bigger and greater than where you currently are right now. What excited you about it? What aspects of it did you know would be a challenge and it didn’t stop you? Why is it stopping you now? What will it mean to achieve it for you and for others? What will be the most rewarding aspect of it once achieved? Don’t allow a few bumps and unexpected turns to dishearten you. Simply embrace the insights and enlightenments that abound and step forward with the confidence that helped you create that desire and vision in the first place. 


Wide Awake Quote of the Week

“There is no passion found in playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela


Yours in dreaming WIDE awake,




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