Are you empowering what's right?

Do you tend to first notice or fixate on what is wrong more than what is right about any situation or anything? Does your self-critic seem to gravitate towards the one aspect that’s wrong or negative instead of the many things that are going well and are positive? Are you so focused on what you believe are your perceived weaknesses that you are ignoring and not fully leveraging your strengths?  Do you allow the smallest of criticisms or disruptions in your plan to get to you to the point of distraction?

Striving to be better doesn’t mean that what is wrong should always be the focus. Being able to distinguish between obstacles you are creating within your mind and obstacles that exist as opportunities is step one. Step two is to embrace and empower what is right while managing what is not as desired. 



Take an MM&I Moment to reawaken and refocus upon all that is going right and positively impacting your life amidst these undesirable outcomes or feedbacks. List everything that is positive occurring unrelated as well as related to what is bothering you. How can these positive aspects be leveraged in a way that makes what is not going well no longer an issue? Now consider anything positive that can be realized from what feels very negative right now? What have you learned? What could you shift or alter? Why does it matter to you? Should it really matter to you? Remember that if everything went exactly as you planned or desired all of the time, what might you not excel to as a result? Empowerment comes from within. Enlightenment comes from without. 


Wide Awake Quote of the Week

Everybody wants to get enlightened, but nobody wants to change.” – Andrew Cohen


Yours in dreaming WIDE awake,




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