Are you wishing or willing?

Mar 24 - Are you wishing or willing? Are you striving toward something that you are wishing would happen? If you are caught in a wishful mentality, then you are also doubting the full possibility that it could come true. Wishing leaves room for doubt, and with doubt comes an underlying need to know more in order to shift your thinking from any doubts to doing what can be done to bring what you desire into reality.  


Instead of wishing, you should be applying HOPE … putting your Heart into what you desire fully, being Optimistic that you truly believe it can happen,  igniting your Passion to gain insights, share with others what you are trying to do, and finally, and most important making an Effort through taking action each and every day doing something that will help you bring this desire into reality. 

Take an MM&I Moment to awaken to how to shift this desire from being a wish to it being something you wholeheartedly know can be. What does your heart know and feel about this desire that excites you and inspires you? What are the many positive ways this desire will enrich you, benefit you, others, and your future? What do you need to know that you do not currently know that you can passionately research or inquire about with others? What questions do you still have that need answers? What information is missing that can help you know the next best steps to take? Allow your hope to blossom into inspired action and you will be unstoppable in the achievement that is destined to be.


Wide Awake Quote of the Week

"Hope is a start. Hope needs action to win victories." – David Joseph Schwartz


Yours in dreaming WIDE Awake,