Is something amazing emerging?

Apr 8 – Is something amazing emerging? Are you so caught up in the negativity swirling around this pandemic that you are not seeing all the greatness, opportunity and possibilities emerging? Have you allowed the weight of the world to bear down on your mental state of well-being to the point you cannot see the future as bright? Is your feeling of limitation, immobility, and isolation overriding your ability to imagine, appreciate and explore within each moment? What if instead of focusing on the negative, you became determined to uncover the positive? What if instead of feeling weighed down, you became determined to help lift someone else’s spirits? What if instead of feeling resentful that you cannot choose where you would like to be, you became determined to make right where you are right now more gratifying, satisfying and empowering?

Take an MM&I Moment to awaken your ability to accept your here and now in order to fully embrace what could be emerging.  Each time you catch yourself being caught in defeating thoughts, feelings and emotions, ask yourself these questions: How am I unlimited? How am I able to choose? How am I grateful? How am I being given time? How have I been enlightened?  What am I seeing in a different way? What am I seeing more clearly? What has changed in a positive way? What has become more important to me? …. With each of these questions, sit with them and allow your thoughts to flow. What you will find is when you give yourself moments of curious reflection, you become enlightened to your power to shift from scarcity and sacrifice to appreciation and possibilities.


Wide Awake Quote of the Week

"To every difficult duty is a charm, known only to those who have the courage to undertake it.” – Madame Swetchine


Yours in dreaming WIDE awake,