Are you reflecting forward?

Dec 25 – Are you reflecting forward? As this decade nears its end, are you relishing in all that you have accomplished or lamenting about all that you wished could have been or haven’t achieved?  Are you counting your blessings or counting your mistakes? Being mired in the past from a perspective of lack or limitation will only reinforce what you don’t want instead of what you do want. Treasure your experiences for what they brought you insights. Embrace what went right with renewed focus on replicating those successes in profound and empowering ways. 

Take an MM&I Moment to awaken to how powerful you truly are to make what you want and most desire become your reality. Reflect upon all that you were delighted by and gave you joy over these past few years. Make a list of all the lessons and insights you gained from things not going exactly as planned. Now make an action plan on how you can replicate your successful, joyful moments and how you can convert what you learned into your next steps of enlightenment. The decade ahead is awaiting your brilliant light to shine. Lighting your own way is as simple as seeing the light and then being the light.  


Wide Awake Quote of the Week

“There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt


Yours in dreaming WIDE awake,