Are you ignoring what's necessary?

Oct 29 – Are you ignoring what's necessary?


Have some things in your life not panned out or resulted in what you had hoped would be realized? Is there something you need to be doing that you keep putting off, in hopes it will work itself out or simply go away? Ignoring that is happening or has happened results in placing yourself in a state of ignorance that will not serve you. What has occurred has been placed before you to teach you a lesson that you need to learn.



Take an MM&I Moment to understand, truly understand, what is necessary for you to move forward. What have you learned as a result of this experience? How can you immediately apply this knowledge to be in a better place in the future? What is necessary that you are hesitating to do? How will taking this step move you forward? What are you afraid might happen, and what is this telling you? Sometimes the best option isn’t always the easiest option. However, once you take the necessary steps, you will find that it was what was needed in order to get beyond your current circumstances and finally move forward again.



Synergized Quote of the Week


"There is no better teacher than necessity." – Jen Sincero



FEATURED ON THRIVE GLOBAL/AUTHORITY MAGAZINE: I was recently honored to be interviewed by Yitzi Weiner, editor of Authority Magazine and Thrive Global columnist for Huffington Post. To read the interview, CLICK HERE.


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