Are you a no-show?

Feb 12, 2018 - Are you a no-show? Are you not focusing on what is most important and allowing a myriad of other things tug and pull at your priorities? Are you not showing your true passions and realness to others? Are you making commitments and then not showing up to see them through? Are you hiding behind assumptions, allowing them to dictate what you will and won't do? Building trust in yourself and with others requires showing up and being fully present. Showing up says to others, as well as to yourself, that what you are striving to do matters and is important. Consider that part of the reason you are not getting where you want to go is because you are not showing up.


Take an MM&I Moment to assess how not showing up may be limiting and hindering your progress, or even diminishing your confidence or your reputation? List times you have committed to attend or participate in something and decided to simply not go at the last minute due to other demands and priorities. Consider how these actions may be viewed from the other side. Did you let someone down? Did you leave someone needing to take over a responsibility or action? Consider your interactions with others. What have you held back about what you want, need or are trying to do? Take a look at what you have been focusing on over the last week. What was left undone that you really wished was done? What assumptions are you making that is keeping you from taking action? Consider what you can do to confirm or dismiss these assumptions so you can move forward.


Synergized Quote of the Week

"You don't build a bond without being present." - James Earl Jones


Yours in synergistic thinking,