Are you getting to it?

Oct 2, 2017 - Are you getting to it? Are you focusing on the things that really matter in what you are trying to achieve? Or are you allowing everything that is coming at you dictate what you do and the actions you are taking? Whatever you get around to doing each day is demonstrating what you are considering most important to be doing, whether it is how you really feel or not. If you are frustrated by not making progress on goals or things you really want to be doing, consider how you are allowing yourself to be pulled away or distracted.


Take an MM&I Moment to review your actions and priorities based on what you have been doing. Make a two column list. On the left, write all the things you did that were exactly what you wanted to be focusing on. On the right, list those things you felt you had to do, or were expected to do, yet were not things you either really wanted to be doing, or were not contributing to advancing one of your goals or desires. If the list on the right is much longer, it is time to decide what is most important and then shift your attention and efforts in that direction. Perhaps it is time to say, "No" to what others are expecting and say "Yes" to you! Sure, there will still be things you must do regardless, just make sure they aren't monopolizing your focus and attention. Make it a habit to start each day doing something specifically toward one of your goals, and you will find your mindset naturally gravitates towards more focused and intentional doing throughout the day.


Synergized Quote of the Week

"Either you run your day or your day runs you." - Jim Rohn


Yours in synergistic thinking,