Are you wishing more than doing?

May 15, 2017 - Are you wishing more than doing? Are you caught up in focusing on all that you wish you could get done or wish would happen? Are you distracted by what you wish hadn't happened or wasn't your option? Wishful thinking inevitably causes you to focus on what you aren't getting, don't want, or haven't realized. When you get caught up in wishing, then it is likely that you aren't really doing what you could be doing about it. Your ability to shift your current situation or circumstance begins with the way in which you think about it and act upon it. 


Take an MM&I Moment to shift your thinking away from wishing and towards doing. If it is something you wish you could get done, list three things you can do right now and do one of them to move it forward. If it is something you wish would happen, list three things you could do to help you get closer to it actually occurring. If it is something you wish hadn't happened, learn from the experience so you will know how to make sure it doesn't happen again. If it is something you don't want to happen, consider what you can do to shift the outcome or lessen its impact. If it something you want to realize, and yet it seems like just a dream, make it more tangible and real by imagining and then taking steps to make it more plausible. You have within you a great power to take inspired action. Turn your wishing into doing, and you will be amazed at what transpires as a result. 


Synergized Quote of the Week

"Do you wish the world were better? Let me tell you what to do. Set a watch upon your actions. Keep them always straight and true." - Ella Wheeler Wilcox 


Yours in synergistic thinking,