Getting lost in the shuffle?

Sept 5, 2016 - Getting lost in the shuffle? Are you caught in a whirlwind of responsibilities and demands that have you spinning out of control away from what you really want to be doing? Are you so focused on everyone else's needs around you that you are forgetting or simply ignoring your own needs and desires? When everything and everyone else seems to have control of you, it can not only be disheartening, but instill a feeling of loss as if you don't have any other choice. The reality is that you do have choice. The problem is you are choosing to accept what is happening to you instead of seizing control of what you want to happen to you.


Take an MM&I Moment to assess why you are allowing everything to spin around you. Be honest about why you are focusing on everyone else and ignoring your own needs. Is it because it is easier than attempting what you ultimately desire? Is it because you feel you don't deserve or cannot spare any time for what you want to do because everyone else needs you so much? Is being needed so important to you that you are willing to give up your own needs? There is absolutely nothing wrong or selfish about putting yourself and your needs first every once and a while. For the next week, choose to satisfy a need that is important to you each day. Start with the small things, and you will find that by taking care of you a little bit, you are in a much better frame of mind to take care of everything else.


Synergized Quote of the Week

"There are no excuses. Effort is the one thing you can control." - Robert Luongo


Yours in synergistic thinking,