No time to breathe?

Feb 22, 2016 - No time to breathe? Are you going, going, going, yet feel like you are not getting anywhere? Are you feeling continuous pressure to achieve, produce, and get things done? In spite of the immense stress to keep things moving, are you finding yourself wishing for a little time to yourself, some time to just breathe? When you are in the midst of living life like the hamster on the "doing everything, yet getting nowhere" wheel, it is time to actually take the time to breathe. Taking that break you don't think you have the time to take is exactly what you body, mind and spirit will appreciate to help you get back on track, better focus, and fully re-engage in what you are trying to achieve.


Take an MM&I Moment to plan your escape. Pick a half day, a day, or a weekend where you simply allow yourself to be, and do nothing that is related to the pressure that you are currently feeling. Make notes on how you will spend that time for you, and only you. If there are loved ones or friends you would like to include, reach out to them and lock in this time with no exceptions. Stop allowing your life to run you, and begin to seize your ability to run your life, including slowing it down when necessary.


Synergized Quote of the Week


"The best way to create more free time is to take it." - Mike Dooley


Yours in synergistic thinking,