Need a little more patience?

Oct 12, 2015 - Need a little more patience? Are you finding yourself in a state of impatience on a regular basis about pretty much everything that is occurring around you? Are you tired of waiting for a result you had expected would have occurred by now, and frustrated by not knowing what is your next best move to get things rolling forward? Patience is something that has been put even more to the test by the convenience and immediate gratification mindset our society has created. What you need to explore is the possibility that a small dose of patience could open up a floodgate of options and opportunity if you allow yourself to embrace your time in limbo in a productive way.


Take an MM&I Moment to consider that patience is a virtue to help you learn and grow toward an even better end result. Having persistence is having patience. When a result isn't as desired and so you try again in a different way, you haven't given up; your patience is actually disguised as agility and tenacity. If you find yourself irritable due to impatience, explore the core of your irritation and the choices you can make to be in a more productive mindset. How can you divert your attention to something more positive? How can you embrace the moment to focus on something else? Gaining control of your impatient nature will prove to be one of your most triumphant feats, as it opens many realms of potential and possibilities. Your thinking will begin to take on a whole new approach in being and doing. 


Synergized Quote of the Week

"Genius is only a greater aptitude for patience." - George-Louis Leclerc de Buffon


Yours in synergistic thinking,