Feeling unmotivated?

Sept 7, 2015 - Feeling unmotivated? Are you faced with something you are not all that excited to do, yet it needs to be done? Or are your challenges so overwhelming that you simply don't even know where to begin? When our mindset places us in a state of inaction, it is up to us to empower our own state of agility to get us through whatever is holding us back. If whatever you need to do or overcome is going to help you get where you ultimately want to be, there is no time like now to embrace this moment to make things happen.


Take an MM&I Moment to assess what it is that is causing you to stagnate. Why don't you feel like doing what you know needs to be done? What are you concerned might happen? Do you believe you shouldn't have to do it? Perhaps there is a different way for it to get done. OR are the many challenges making you feel like just giving up altogether? Instead of being annoyed by what must be done or the many challenges you are facing, be grateful that you are the one chosen to handle this because you have the ability, strength, and fortitude to see it through. Instead of wasting precious focus and energy on what you wish was not the case, focus instead of what you can do to get beyond it all. Whatever you make of each moment, is what you create for each tomorrow.


Synergized Quote of the Week

"Life is always now." - Tennessee Williams


Yours in synergistic thinking,