Is what you don't know the problem?

Aug 31, 2015 - Is what you don't know the problem? Or is it the solution? Have you put great effort and time into learning and knowing all there is to know about what you are doing, only to find yourself stuck compared to where you would like to be? Have you used your know-how quite effectively so far, only to now find it is not enough? What we have known or currently know is always going to be infiltrated from all sides by new information, ways of being and doing. How we embrace what is around us through our awareness and acceptance of an ever-changing playing field, is what enables us to go further and perform at a higher level than we thought possible.  A continuous mindset of learning is the underlying secret.


Take an MM&I Moment to explore what you don't know and would like to know. Is it about how who you are trying to reach thinks? Is it how a process could flow better? Is it how to leverage what you already know in a different way? Is it something entirely different from what you currently know or are doing out of sheer curiosity? Whatever it is, explore it. Seek to understand it through someone else's perspective.  Seek to engage all your senses into learning more about it. What you may just discover is something unexpected that helps you in the here and now in ways you could not have even remotely imagined previously.


Synergized Quote of the Week

"We can learn nothing except by going from the known to the unknown." - Claude Bernard


Yours in synergistic thinking,